Universal Tough Tablet Holster

Introducing The FOREMAN! 

The FOREMAN is a universal tough tablet carrying solution. It can fit any tablet model up to 13" in length. The unique tablet holster was designed to be ultra modular and accessible, thus giving the user complete control over how they use their tablet when out in the field. Utilizing methods similar to NASA design technology, we carefully implemented a series of Velcro and magnetic components in The FOREMAN's construction.

This long-tested approach in modular design gives birth to a tablet carrying solution that rivals any other when it comes to different jobs or situations, no matter what the user's 
environment throws at them. One of the tablets key features is a magnetic module (that can be purchased separately), which allows the user to lock their tablet onto a steel beam or any metallic surface. This function creates a decluttered and 100% hands-free work station! 

Complemented with several different storage pocket options and high visibility safety swatches, The FOREMAN keeps you and your tablet safe when out in the field.

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