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iBackFlip Studios is a design studio founded on the standard of providing our patrons with custom solutions. From day one, we’ve been proud to offer unique customization options to our clientele across the board and around the world. Whether you’re looking to outfit a larger company and team or enhance a more individualized case that meets specialized mobility and accessibility requirements, we’re here to work with you and create a custom piece that suits your needs.

Should you request a customized design, an iBackFlip representative would need to speak with you over the phone or via Skype if an in-person meeting isn’t an option. An integral part of our design process involves creating sketches based on customer requirements for the product and the way it should look and function.

Depending on your order, iBackFlip can embroider, heat press, and rubber patch your preferred company logo on any customized bag. Custom orders can also select from a wide variety of colors to suit your specific industry or utilitarian requirements. We also offer several solutions for those that wish to fasten their iPad in a way different from our standard sling-pack model. Some may want a Velcro enhancement or enlarged strapping system to accommodate special tablet sizes. Shoulder straps can also be customized with additional supports, fasteners, and quick disconnect snaps for your wearing comfort and convenience. 

Many of our construction and engineering-based customers have specific needs in mind when organizing their iPads for industrial use. These can include specialized tool holders, point of sale systems, or customized pockets. Sometimes this requires a customized cutout which we can easily accommodate in addition to the iBackFlip’s preexisting camera access flap and stylus holders.

We know and understand that each situation requires a unique solution. Here at iBackFlip Studios, we’re here to help both our commercial and private clients fully utilize their iPads and tablets with the personalized product you’ve been searching for. 

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